2011: Gothla

In July 2011 Xenia and Eleanor went to Leicester to one of the biggest belly dancing events of the year in UK - Gothla.
Gothla is a 3-day event, which offers an opportunity to learn from some of the best dark/gothic belly dancers in the world and get inspired by their spectacular and mesmerising performances.
On Friday night we were spoilt with the privilege of seeing the professional performances: Bex Priest, HRH Lucretia, Sashi, Sera Solstice, Morgana, Yvette Cowles, Angela Wooi and Tree Russell (and many others).
On Saturday we attended gruelling workshops with Morgana, Bex Priest, Yvette Cowles and Sashi.
Then on Saturday night we managed to gather enough courage and energy to perform at the open stage at the Redeemer night club!

Gothla 2011: Victorian Ghosts duet


Gothla 2011: The Truth Fairy solo


Gothla 2011: Xenia's solo