2013: Malcfest

Xenia had an awesome time at Malcfest in Kent this year! The performance went down well and it was definitely DIFFERENT: the local council told the festival organisers that they were not allowed loud music or drums after 11pm and Xenia's belly dance performance was scheduled at midnight, so Malc came up with the idea of using silent disco! That's right, Xenia performed whilst wearing wireless silent disco headphones and people watching had to wear them too. There were a few people who came over to watch half way through and didn't really get it because they either didn't have headphones or were on the wrong channel (there are 2 music options), so it was a bit weird for them, but overall Xenia had some really lovely feedback.  She also had a slight technical problem half way through a dance when her headphones suddenly died and she had to quickly swap them, but it was quite good fun.  Xenia also ran a little belly dancing workshop on Sunday afternoon. So you heard it here first: tribal fusion belly dance performance with silent disco!
Malcfest 2013: midnight belly dance performance to Silent Disco